Ege Grup Yapı

Tolga Diker / Ege Grup Yapı, Project Coordinator

Because, the insulation work requires a lot know-how and experience. Haydar Boz has 60 years of experience in this field. To say it bluntly, you must cooperate with reliable persons. Otherwise the problems arise many years later and the prestige of your company many be compromised. As Ege Group, we cannot compromise in this subject and therefore we always work with the companies that are master of their domain.

Ulubol İnşaat

Murat Elibol / Ulubol Construction

Why Haydar Boz? Because discipline at work and success are the principles of the company. It is a company that will never let you down halfway through; it is a well experienced company in terms of finance and application. It is structured for success in its own field and does not compromise from quality. Of course these are also major criteria.

AS İnşaat

Selcuk Uygun / AS Construction

The main reason for choosing Haydar Boz is that it is a company that can stand behind its performance. The experience, passion, determination and the quality of the materials are very important determinant for us. Insulation works require mastery and experience. The orientation, quality of material or the implementation; these are very important. Everybody knows that when Haydar Boz is engaged in the project, the conditions will be met fully and in perfect quality.