Our mission and vision

  • Creating awareness in the society about insulation.
  • Contributing to the Insulation market of our country so that it reaches to a level that it deserves.
  • Contributing to development and increase of knowledgeable and expert personnel in the field of insulation in our country.
  • Ensuring that the relationship that has been established with our suppliers over half a century that is based on respect, mutual trust and care would continue for many more centuries to come.
  • Not to compromise from the principles of openness and honesty.
  • Providing price and payment advantages but still protect the profit margin to realize our targets.
  • Providing life standards for our workers that is over and above the country and sector averages.
  • Contributing to the country's economy by providing employment and paying taxes as a result of the investments to made and work to be carried out.

In summary

Carrying out our trading activities for so many years to come for our country, customers, suppliers and employees.